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Corporate Formation and FEIN

Our firm is the registered agent for most Associations we represent as well as a number of small businesses.  There are a number of reasons to consider incorporation.  Due to the limitations of this space, however, our firm would prefer to provide a checklist of the information needed before contacting the Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service.  The information you will need includes the following:

  1. Proposed name of company;
  2. Address for the company;
  3. Registered agent for company;
  4. Address of registered agent;
  5. Purpose for business to be conducted;
  6. Number of employees;
  7. Fiscal year start and end months;
  8. Name and address for president, Secretary/Treasurer, Manager, and Member (dependent upon type of company being formed); and
  9. Social Security Number for principal.

Once our office has this information, we can submit the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Agreement and request a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) (comparable to a Social Security Number for the company).  This is needed to open a bank account for the company and to issue checks. Our office is also available to draft the operating agreement for the company to address both short and long term issues for the company.

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